Oh snaps! Almost forgot to blog today: (What's left of) Day 16

8:35 PM

As a blogger who is committed to sticking to two challenges, #31WriteNow and #BBCBloggers, I am depressed. About myself. Again. I have slipped into the "I'll do it later" abyss. In some parts of the world it's Day 17!

Why can't I have the work ethic of some other types, like the gym rats? They get er done regardless. No matter how much is on THEY plates. Shoot, they make me sick.

But I did make it a productive August 16: Got front tires on the car, made some marketing runs, passing out flyers and candy, all over Charlotte.  And I met a guy...he is a writer, too. And a card-carrying member of the six-footer club. Yes gawd.

No more being hard on myself. And if you've missed any blogging days, you shouldn't be hard on yourself either.

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