Nope...still don't believe in soulmates

6:09 PM

Welcome to 31 Days of Single and Happiness. I'm celebrating the book (coming August 22nd) and have joined bloggers Awesomely Luvvie  and She Rock Inspired in their August blog challenges. Look for my rants and raves all month long, mmkay? Enjoy!

In between  editing the book for the upteenth time I took this quiz to see how cynical I am in real life, not just on Facebook. It almost saddens me that I am only 44% cynical. (What the hell's with the rest of me though?) The online checklist did reveal that I still think a soulmate is a joke and a half, but I do feel that people come into our lives for a reason and a season. Cue some sappy elevator music or somethin'.

My exes have been brought into my life for several reasons: to teach the art of humility, to show me how not to settle, to help me step out of the shadows and to give me my only child.

Aside from my mini me, dear God, why must I learn so many life lessons?

As educated as I am, none of these men were my soulmates. None of them. Of course, I thought they were at one time. I know better these

"Single and Happy in Charlotte: Nothing Like a Writer Scorned" touches on my reasons for not believing in soulmates. Order your copy now by choosing one of the "Buy Now" buttons on you right.

In the meantime, do you believe in soulmates? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Really nice post. I also do not believe in Soulmates. I mean what happens if you live in the US and your soulmate lives in China? I guess you never get to be "truly" happy. Crap! I believe there are a number of people that can make us happy, but it is up to us to find the right one and stick with that person.

    1. Crap, indeed! LOL

      If soulmates did exist there would be more marriages and fewer infidelity issues.

      BTW...what if the soulmate has passed away, and you're only in yours 30s or 40s?

      Thanks for your comment!