My time is still valuable even though I don't have a "real job". Day 26

9:37 AM

Yep, skipped day 25, too...oh well.

People no longer have fuggs to give, calling and texting before 9am, talking to me about killing ants and showing me scabs on their too-hairy arms while I'm trying to eat my burnt bagel.

And this dude from want to stop by my house at 10pm last night, and we just met less than 24 hours ago.

What is wrong with people? Oh, that's right, my life looks footloose and fancy-free. Got it. I don't do shyt all day anyway, so why should anyone respect my space and time?

Do I work at one of the major banks, here in the banking capital? No.

Do I have a bunch of rugrats to feed and push into a bus for the first day of school? No.

Do I have a sick momma to watch after before she treats her medicine like M&Ms? No.

Does this mean my life is not as important as yours? Hell no.

Give me my space, my time, my respect. That is all I ask.

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