Men don't care...because they don't have to. Day 20

7:56 AM

Buy your own damned shoes...
So I have hidden my account on, less than one week after logging back onto that site. I mean I can still contact men, but my mug doesn't appear in the search. (Dolls, this is a great way to test out online dating on the low. Send a DM to me on Twitter @singleandhappy1 for the name of the dating site and I'll show you how to be online, but not be online on the site. LOL)

I am still singeing over Mr. Thirsty and his "Let's meet at the McParking Lot in the rain" arse. Turns out, he's not that thirsty after all. Haven't heard from him after I suggested we set aside a time to meet one evening.

Turns out, with all the Ms. Thirsties out here, he doesn't have to set aside a damn thing for lil old me. Yes girls, I blame some of you for the missing gentlemen in action. *slams door but reappears to keep talking about the foolery*

These men online don't even have to bother with typing kind words, properly structured subject/verb agreements or intriguing sentences: "40 and employed!!! That should be enough right?" is the sentiment found on a particular site. Yes, a man actually typed that ish. But, I can't blame him. He prolly had his share of thirsty chicks.

An old friend claims, "I took this young lady out on a second date. She was mad that we had to cut the first date short because my mother needed me. You know what she said? 'My birthday is coming up. You can buy me these shoes.' and pulled out a picture of the shoes! I hardly knew her!" He now does those quick meet and greets at a bar. No parking lots that I know of though...

As long as there are Ms. Thirsties, there will be men who no longer want to do a decent first date. The parking lot will become the norm for fear of running into a woman who wants shoes.  Shoes from a man you hardly know...really? Real women will no longer receive a fair chance...look dolls, I am tired out here in these dating streets. Quit being thirsty, please!

I ain't meeting any dude at a parking lot, no matter what fast-food chain it's attached to.

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  1. I love this! I would love to write a review on this delightful book. Congratulations on its' upcoming debut.

    1. That might be possible. Please send an email to

  2. You are so on point with the Ms. Thristies out there. I actually had a woman ask me which one of her bills I wanted to pay. Needless to say she is still waiting.

    1. See, I could never bring myself to doing that. That's cray.