Maybe I need to lower my expectations. Day 29

5:41 PM

I am open-minded to a fault: it makes me susceptible to BS. In light of the recent BS I've endured, I am proud to say my standards have been raised!

...or at least, my low standards aren't as low as I thought.

I'm looking at all the good women I met so far through my SAH journey. Many of them have been single longer than me; single so long that I dunno what to call them. Why are they still single?  One can only assume that even middle-of-the-road standards are too much for some of today's men.

Those other types of women? The birds? They aren't alone, ever. Take this woman here in the QC who has allowed her newly-released felon boyfriend to move into her rental home, with his ankle bracelet and gun in tow.

When she received her eviction notice he (who cannot be added to the lease and isn't even supposed to live there) took it upon himself to call the rental office to bish about the eviction process and storm into a Mecklenburg County courthouse to "find out what's going on" with the eviction.

Aside from being an arrogant idiot, what kind of man is he to her? Is he using her? Regardless of who he least she got her a man, huh? She's the ultimate ride or die chick...SMH!

Am I expected to ride or die for ex-cons, too? What about "good men" with good jobs,  who will cheat because they have "needs" or something? Should I now prepare myself to put up with their BS as well? Not to mention the late-night texters and "let's get a room" dudes.  Is this what's left out here in these streets?

If so, I'll be damned if I am gonna settle for poor spelling and grammar. Note to the jerk who texted me the other night: I don't care how much of a fine-azz six-foot-three mofo you are. The word you're trying to text me is ciao, not "cho".

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