I'm sick of life lessons - Day 6 of...you know what it is!

7:22 AM

My PhD (from the School of Life Online Business College, and Beauty Academy) must've got lost in the mail. Damn postal workers. Perhaps when your job is on the line, you're bound to no longer give a f**k about deliveries for other people.

But I am always finding myself in the midst of a life lesson when it comes to my heart. In my real life I hold a Masters Degree so I ain't no dumb chick. What's up? So tired of these teachable moments (not to be mistaken for the Teachable Moments I write for Piehole Magazine and other blogs. Hee hee!).

It's time to reflect on what I've learned about dating so far:

Good sex numbs the pain. It helped to be able to eff my way out of an otherwise boring relationship, argument, or unnecessary expenditure (read: shoes and club nights).

You have to be careful of what you wish for. That "good man" could be good to other women. Or other men. Or even worse, with his momma.

All men are not the same. Psychopaths come in all shapes and sizes. The better-looking ones are the worst!

Love does not conquer all. Whose ass do I whip for even thinking a human's love is that powerful?

I've taken many tests and have enough content to write a dissertation, and a book: click one of the Paypal buttons to your right and purchase your copy of "Single and Happy in Charlotte: Nothing Like a Writer Scorned."

How many times must love school me?

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