If she don't SAT down somewhere...Day 24

10:07 AM

Stand alone for five minutes! Sheesh!
Yes I did skip day 23. And?

I have had it with regular people acting like they are celebs, jumping in and out of relationships all willy nilly. The lady I talked about earlier this month, the one who rushed into an engagement and dude rushed right on out of it? Welp, she is already in another serious relationship!

Some people live for stupidity. She'll be crying in about...two to three weeks maybe?

She mentioned him the other day as if it's all normal. It is not, people! What is it about yourself being alone that scares you? Why are you scared of yourself?

Hey, it's possible for you to scare the hell out of you. Deal with it. Blog. Seek help. Focus on something else besides companionship for once. Come on dolls, we are more than somebody's bae.

Many nights when I'm home I fall asleep with the TV on, in case my thoughts are too loud. I share a lot here, but trust, there's more: dreams about the past, dreams about married men *shrugs* and dreams about killing people and getting away with it. I'm taking all this shyt to the grave, yo.

Even with my twisted mindset I am still fine with being alone. I don't need no man a quickie relationship to make me whole. I'm too tired for all of that anyway.

Deal with your issues first! *slams door*

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  1. I agree. This article is also speaking to men. A friend of mine is the same way, he can't live without female companionship. He bounces from one bad relationship to another.

    1. They are afraid...they are very afraid.

      So extreme! A new relationship? Who does that...never mind. Bawahahahaha! (You'll have to read past blog entries to get it.)