I don't want to say I told her so. Day 2 of the blogging challenges/31 Days of Single and Happiness

9:11 AM

Today I am having coffee with an old friend. We'd work together briefly at a part time gig for a roofing company here in Charlotte.

About two weeks after she left the job "I heard" she was engaged to a man she only became serious with in a few months. I am still curious to know why she didn't tell me, and you're damn right I'm asking her later today. Maybe I will: it depends on her mood. She is no longer engaged.

When I called to catch up with her two days ago I asked how are things. Couldn't wait to hear about her theme, 'n shyt.  I still like weddings, the fashions, the colors, the hustle and bustle behind the planning. Hell, I ought to plan a reception for myself just because.

"He left," she blurted out to stop me from talking. She is back on team single and I promise I'm not happy about it. Well, maybe I am: they moved too effing fast!

When I suggested we meet for coffee she agreed with a sigh of relief, which leads me to believe there is a WTF type of story waiting for me. Can't wait.

I want to say "I told you y'all were moving faster than the average Basketball-Housewives couple!" but that is the last thing she needs to hear. I know this, because when everyone told me my ex wasn't shyt -- in fact his name should have been (first name) he-aint-shyt (last name) -- I didn't want to hear it either.

What should I say to her?

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  1. Hi. Been there and done that too, girl, with the hyper-speed romance. My opinion, say nothing. She knows that you know that she knows it wasn't a wise choice. And like you said, you were in her shoes, soooo...while you're sitting there and attempting to roll your eyes so far back in your head you can see what the person behind you is drinking...resist. And listen.

    Can't wait to read your book!

  2. You're right...why bother saying anything? We are both over 30...we both know what it is anyway. lol

    Going to visit your blog rite-nah!

  3. Ty! You are so silly! Girl we have all been there, but as much as you want to say it, try to refrain from it. I didn't like when anybody told me about my ex(s) even tho I knew they were right. She prob still fragile right now...wait a couple of weeks and sneak it in there...then hope to God she won't get to tell you the same thing in the future lol

    1. LOL I know right? Deja vu all up and through here...not. At least, I'm doing all I can to not be that woman (again).

      Make it a great weekend girl!

  4. A good friend will tell you that he-aint-shit and love you when you stay anyway. No one wants to hear it while they're in it, too busy being in love to see the truth.

    So now that it happened? What happened? LOL

    1. We had to reschedule our coffee time. I'll post an update as soon as we talk.