Has da choich become obsolete? Day 14

9:00 AM

Yesterday I rushed through an article (in hopes of getting to the happy ending sooner than later) on how a pastor of a holiness church chose to not marry a couple of non-members, because the bride's dress was deemed inappropriate. Welp... it was the equivalent of a stripper outfit before taking the stage! Sorry.

For those who have yet to attend a strip club, the dancers wear short club dresses at the bar and among the patrons before heading backstage to become Ebony or Bambi.

Anywho, the pastor would not budge; there the couple stood, trying to do right by God and leave pre-marital sex for the rest of us *shrugs*. Either the bride had to get a more-appropriate dress (sounds like the pastor was looking for something from the 80s, with sleeves...eww!) or leave this house of the Lord unmarried. The couple left.

Business aside (if there was a contract in place, someone is getting sued) the pastor missed a chance to save souls. But, should we expect anything better from da choich? Da choich, not to be mistaken for a place of worship. I attend a place of worship and left da choich years ago. Here's why:

They make up their own rules that aren't necessary aligned with Christ.
Or do you think denying marriage is something Jesus would do?

They scare the hell out of children. I have witnessed children as old as ten crying at the sudden falling outs and foaming at the mouths. I'm sure some adults lost sleep that night, too.

They shun today's Christians.  My dad doesn't care for my iPhone Bible app...AT ALL. On a larger scale, Joel Osteen is known as one of the influential leaders but "da choich" sees him as being too soft. Probably because he isn't out to scare the hell out of children. Don't get me started on what da choich thinks about T.D. Jakes and his movies.

Yet there are still members who attend da choich. Do you? Why?

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  1. This is wonderful! The choich lol. I still attend church. However, I am becoming a bit discouraged bc ppl come in there and other ppl will frown at them if they have on "inappropriate" attire-->I mean of course no one needs to continue to wear the bodycon dresses to church, but at least they came. This is wrong on so many levels.

  2. I believe some people are that dense (for lack of a better word) to rock a bodycon. Look at some workplaces; I used to work in a call center and you'd think it was NBA All Star Weekend in that piece!

    I love my latest black n yellow freekum dress. It only shows off my legs...but I know it's not for nobody's church.

  3. I always struggled with church. I've attended several churches over the years in 3 different cities. When I was younger, I wanted a mega-church. They had to do this, do that etc. But as I've gotten older (later 20s, just turned 30), I want a medium size church. I want to feel like I belong and I'm a family member not just a number.

    I just remembered you're in Charlotte. I attended University Park (now The Park), John P Kee church (forgot the name), Friendship Baptist, and Nations Ford. Nations Ford was more like home to me. If I relocate back to Charlotte I'm going there. The other churches were just extra (passing out and foaming at the mouth, too damn boring, or to damn big)

    Now I'm in Columbia and just stated attended The Brook. I'm enjoying it so far it's really laid back. The pastor in his mid 30's. He wear jeans, polos, and jordans on Sundays. It's very laid back. The congregation is dress down. Nations Ford in Charlotte was laid back but not as laid back as The Brook (the pastor is older, I think his kids are my age).

    At both Nations Ford and The Brook, the pastor use their iPad to preach. Plus both of the churches depend highly on technology. They have FB pages, Twitter, Instagram etc.

    I know age is a factor in the differences in the church but it may also be the denomination. Nations Ford and The Brook are non denominational as opposed to some churches that are Baptist, Apostolic, AME, where they have all these rules and guidelines.

    Sorry this was so long. But I really enjoyed the post.

    1. Wait...is this S. Australia?! Hey girl! LOL

  4. Yes, Charlotte has a cool mix of non-denominational and "choiches." Most transplants and UNC students attend the nons, while the ones who were born and raised here (and LOVE to tell you about how things were before we northerners, the NBA and the NFL took over; the talks come with a hint of an attitude in their voices) attend the COGICs, AMEs, etc. Perhaps the denominations/orgs provide comfort and a break from "the new normal" that is Charlotte.

    I guess it is for the latter reason, these churches are here to stay.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. I read that article about the dress and thought, well, she could easily get married in a secular location. she doesn't need the church, especially since they are rejecting her! her family members probably walked away saying, "see, this is why I don't go to church."

    as long as the church maintains it's old time rules, people will just find somewhere else to go.

    1. Either they will find another place of worship, or they will stay home, like I did for most of the 90s.

  6. Morals are becoming obsolete. People just do whatever and worry (or not) about the consequences later. :(

    1. What do you mean? Are you referring to the bride? Non-conformists? Both?

  7. That is why I say there are places of worship that fit everyone's needs. Just because one church does not allow a particular dress does not mean another one wont. I am sure this bride knew or should have known that this was probably a conservative church. Has anyone seen the dress? I did and I tell you it was pretty revealing. If a bride does not know what a holiness church will allow then that is on them.

    1. Yeah I saw the dress (hence the stripper reference lol). She was not informed ahead of time by whoever invited them to have the ceremony there. Probably because it was ASSumed that all women knew what is appropriate.

      I don't know how old the bride is, old enough to have known better, especially at a holiness church.

      But if you read the article, you'll see the church is new...if the couple gets a refund I'll be surprised. (Not sure if there was a contract in place.)