Don't call it a comeback: Why men wanna hit us up years later? Day 17

3:48 PM

They come back to haunt us. They love some Memory Lane. They want to see what we look like today. Who are they? They are our pasts, the men in which we swore it was their bullets we'd dodged. In some cases, we just lost contact and never cared about conducting a Google search for their dull, forgettable arses. Either way, they come back.

And I mean they'll find you years after the fact. Check out a Twitter convo between myself, @singleandhappy1, and my new TBFF, @singlegirllife:

@singlegirllife (SGL): "Well hello my hot hookup from three years ago. You emailed me because???"

@singleandhappy1 (SAH): IRK
I had to re-tweet. It resonated with my wine-infused mood at the time. Oh, it still resonates while sober, too.

SGL: Wait, what's IKR? Am I that out of touch?

SAH: It means I know right.
She wasn't out of touch. Perhaps I'm too old to know that it means I know, right. (I know...right?)

SGL: Oh...good! Haven't seen that one yet. He told me he was mad at me three years ago. Not sure what he's seeking to accomplish.

SAH: Some booty, prolly.

SGL: Long distance booty!

SAH: Is he coming into town? There is a guy in another state who has been trying to hit it for at least seven years! Still emails and calls.

SGL: Seven years? Wow...he's committed! I don't know if (my) guy is coming back. He hasn't gotten to that yet. Was a fun hook up though.

SAH: Well, he is committed to getting past a kiss. He told me flat out he doesn't want to married. In fact his exact words were, "Why the fugg would I do that?!"

SGL: Still, that's a long time to want to get past a kiss! Lol some guys never let go.

SAH: It's still new cookie to cookie is the best cookie. A man told me that.
(True story. And it makes all the sense in the world.)

SGL: For my guy, he's already had this cookie. Guess it just that good! Ha!

SAH: You got that good good. Boo-ya!
I want to be so damned cool on these social networks. Sad.

SGL: You got that right! #singlegirlswag

In all of our 140-or-less discourse, it never occurred to me to pose a question, so here it goes: Men, what's up with the re-appearing acts? Let me (and my new friend) know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. This is everything!! EVERY MAN I EVER BEEN WITH REAPPEARED. Every last one. Rather they came back because they wanted to apologize, wanted to try again, wanted to see how I was doing-they all came back. And me believing that "if it's meant to be it'll be" or "if he really want you, he'll come back" went backwards. That's one of my biggest flaws in dating, I like to think "maybe he changed" but most times he's the same heartache he was before.

    I'm trying to learn how to let it go when they come back but me being a low-key romantic I just cross my fingers and pray that it'll work out THIS TIME.

    1. I have learned to let em go. The past loves creeping up on us, right?!