Does your baby momma know you be showing off your kids on Day 30

7:00 AM

See how easy it is to copy pics online? A real pic from!
They are single, happy and with kids. They are probably good parents, too.
But when it comes to online dating they love to include their children in their profiles. I don't understand it. You see I too am a parent but I'm overprotective as hell. With my baby's changing figure (at 15 she has that ka-poww factor going...ugh!) sharing her image with the world is a no-go.

Hello! You can right-click on most pics online. Think about that for a second. Think about all of the crazies browsing, scanning, "pleasuring" themselves to your pics. I hope the picture of  disgust has been painted. There are too many pedophiles out here, y'all. Protect the babies!
Just so it's clear to you, there is nothing wrong with letting people know you are a proud parent. In fact, PLEASE let us know: I am not looking to date anyone with children under 12. Call me Golden Corral because I have a 12-yr-old limit of my own. *shrugs*

If you must share pics of your kids at least get permission from the other parent...sheesh.

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  1. Wow, such a good post. To many parents are just pimping their kids. I hope they are taking care of the kids as much as they are showing them off for browny points.

    1. I would hope so too; used to be a time where taking care of kids was a given, second nature...not something to "hope for".

      I don't think they are thinking beyond brownie points when they share these pics. That in itself, is scary.

  2. I've never been able to understand people including their children in their profile pics as well. I understand you are a proud parent but everything in due time.