Before the babies go back to school - day 13

7:46 AM

Many churches, mine included, will go to God in prayer to ask the Lord to protect the children, most of which will return to school in the coming days. (Unless we're talking about year-round school; my nephew is already hard at work as a first-grader at his year-round school!)

But, faith without work is dead, which means parents will have to be proactive when it comes to the new school year. I'd like to think that this blog entry isn't necessary, but when I watched two videos posted by a mom of a little girl TWERKING I knew this needed to be typed. Get the parents you know and tell them to come here:

Don't condone fighting or other negative behavior. If you're not condemning it, you're condoning it. My mother made me tell the principal of my high school that neither she nor my dad (still married for over 40 years!) condoned my fighting a girl over some he-say-she-say mess. Back then I didn't get why telling the school "My parents didn't raise me like this" was so important.  Now, I  get it.  Parents on YouTube who are watching their child beat the crap out someone with pride is not cute at all. Even if he did kick that arse.

Look for signs of bullying. Because of the inner-nets bullying has become more of a problem than before. Think about it: Kids can sit on a phone or tablet all day and drive an otherwise promising student to suicide. Yes, it's gotten that real.

Talk about the school day.
If you're asking about their time in school -- and some student athletes spend a massive amount of time in school sometimes -- you are sending the message that you care. But, don't my word for it:  read what a doctor says here.

If you incorporate these tips, regardless of your custodial status by the way, you will strengthen the bond between you and your child/ren, something that will come in handy when the going gets tough.

What tips can you share before the babies return to school? Share in the comments.

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