I'm not saying online dating does not work (well, yes I am)

1:25 PM

...and delete the online dating apps from the phone!
I remember driving from Maryland (after "the move") and winding up on Route 360 en route to the NC/Virginia border, where my roots are-- my parents had to "see" that I was leaving that mess of a relationship, as well as Maryland. Growing hungry but ready to get to Caswell County, NC, I searched for a quick drive-through that would hold me until I reached the border. I had about two hours to go.

Out of nowhere I see a shopping center; clearly a new development that I still swear wasn't there the last time I'd driven in that direction. There were spaces with nothing in it yet, except for the "space available" signage. There was a Chinese restaurant, a good one, not one of those walk-up-take-out joints; there was a dimly-lit dining area and a bar stocked with the most turn-up tools you'd want to see in a bar. No, this is not a drinking post, remember I was still on the road.

Immediately I decide that drive-through anything would not work. If I had to wait for the two hours it took me to get to the parents, so be it. (Thank God, it didn't!) Perhaps I was just excited about the start of new life chapter, but that shrimp friend rice and veggie rolls were the best I'd had in years.

Fast forward to over two years from that drive into NC, and into Single and Happy...

After taking my third break from the online shenanigans disguised poorly as online dating, I make my way into a crowd of reggae and wine lovers. I wasn't looking for anything except for the table where the wine samples could be found. Sure as hell wasn't looking for a man although I could have taken my pick: Caramel, chocolate, white chocolate...it was an outdoor candy store for real, yo.

Enter: Mr. (sorry, just not ready to reveal)... very much a caramel six-footer. Not quite ready to call it a long-distant relationship (if you'd consider two hours from Charlotte long-distant)...but the past month has been nothing short of oooh child!

Offline chance meetings, in a sea of folks, still works, apparently. That moment when you don't see the rest of the sea, when no matter how much noise is surrounding you...yep I had that moment. We call it foreplay...

Until he does something stupid, we'll see where things go.

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