Not-so-poetic justice

6:09 PM

Roses are red....what are you wearing? :/

You ever talk to someone about your day -- or should I say vent about your former client whom should have received your footprint on they arse months ago -- and he or she made you smile, for no reason at all.

When I told him about the issues between myself and the former cheap/trifling-azz, he gave me advice, sort of. I mean, he didn't say anything that was necessarily profound; come to think about it, it wasn't profound at all. In fact it was a borderline brushoff, like "Eff it, keep it moving. I ain't trying to hear all of that on a phone call. Now, what are you wearing?"  

I can feel your haaand, movin' up my...

What if he was poetic? Chile please, I would be too through. How fast would the undies come off if he said something quote-worthy?

But, he didn't say anything special. No words of encouragement, no affirmations and no Bible verses. What was it about whatever he said in three minutes turned my whole day around? Nothing special; I'm still replaying that scene, and I've got nothing. I guess that hearing his voice was enough for me. Any man who can tame the savaged cougar, should be MY man.

Seriously. I was a total bish that day. He calmed me down without alcohol or peen. A-freaking-mazing.

Yes, this is about the person I said I would not talk about on here. He's deep in my head, piercing my soul, like a Kendrick Lamar song. Ah...

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