Mr. Long Distance Relationship (or I'll do anything for some cawfee, huh?)

12:40 PM

That was a helluva cup of coffee...
This morning I GPS'ed Constellation Dollars, only to end up outside of Charlotte Douglas. There I drove, hearing the GPS lady tell me I have arrived at my destination. On a ramp headed toward 85, feet away from the airport. I guess it wanted me to pay for parking, go through a security check (before 9am, with stuffy business travelers...yikes!) Eventually -- 20 minutes later -- I returned to my trusty drive-through in University City.

What have I learned in doing this, besides the fact that I am more of a coffee addict that I'd care to admit? Well, folks will drive out of thier way and literally go the extra mile for what they want. This has me thinking of Mr. LDR.

Yes, we've met on that site, after I have sworn off dating for a while. But he contacted me and when I told him he lived too far from me and he kept persuing me, I had to give him my number. I knew he was from NY from his "accent", but didn't know exactly where. Something about them Yankee negroes...

We talked for about two weeks before meeting halfway somewhere (where there was no Constellation Dollars to be found...smh!) and something magical happened. Unlike my other meet and greets, this one, was cool. We both had expressed relief on our faces. The conversations flowed naturally. Things that didn't make sense, made sense to us. Like offensive jokes.

How far are we willing to go if things were to progress? He claims he's willing to explore it, but I honestly don't think people realize what they can do until they HAVE to do it.

Y'all know how I do by now: the ones in which I see some sort of potential are kept off the blog. I feel for some reason that I have to protect them like the innocent. There is much to be said about my privacy, too. All of a sudden, I think I'm sharing too much. Go figure.

I do wonder when will be the next time I'll see him. At least to see what's going on beyond the atraction, or to get the let-down over with. He's too damn far, yo. Too damn far.

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