So here we are on Tax Day...

12:04 AM

This post was supposed to be published earlier today. In the wake of the Boston explosions, how on earth can I complain about taxes and marital status? I thank God for keeping me alive (to pay taxes), as He is alive in me. My prayers are with Boston.

My article is almost yesterday's news. But I have promised about a dozen other bloggers that I'd join them in a blogfest, to discuss how once again it doesn't pay to be single. This time of year is a not-so-single-and-happy time, if you file taxes. (I won't judge you for sweeping things under the rug. Promise!)

There is enough evidence that supports the unfairness of our government when it comes to taxes . In fact, there are over 1,000 reasons (tax codes) enforced by the feds as to why single taxpayers are the lowest on the fiscal totem pole.

Keep in mind, almost half of the country is single. This means that the US could care less about the financial well-being of approximately 50% of  it's citizens. Why should a single man or woman -- especially one with a good-paying job and no children -- have to pay for their choices? Oh, I get it, this country wants us married off. (To the opposite sex, as a friendly reminder..don't get it twisted.)

But we stay paying taxes though. Lots of  'em.

Guess I'll marry some old body and let him cheat on me, and make use of these here eggs *pats area under belly* before they go bad, and give my only child some siblings. Because what the world needs is yet another miserable married woman-turned-single parent with mad kids who will now qualify to cash in on Tax Day.

If I start baby-making now...oh crap...I won't give birth until 2014. So much for that idea...

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