Maybe a long distant relationship is exactly what I need.

8:38 PM
Looks like he gets lots of LDR action...
In reading some article posted on, two things come to mind: first of all, wtf is this piece posted in Discovery Health for? I mean, that's where you go to self-diagnose rashes 'n stuff. You know you do. *straight face* Secondly, if anyone is considering a long distant relationship (LDR) this piece will make them think twice fo sho, yo.

But for my arse LDR is just what the doctor ordered:

I can still be sort of single and happy. While "bae" is away living his life in another city, I'm over here chilling like I do. Not cheating per se, just flirting and doing things like married people do when they go out without their spouses. Whoops!

I can be the amateur porn star I have always wanted to be. Well...I'd have to don a blonde-as-hell wig and Mardi Gras-esqe mask before going live with it. Shoot, men don't know how to keep things to themselves anymore. But LDRs these days are full of Skypin' and Facetimin', showing off the twins and a hard peen, respectively.

I can test drive the situation. Before jumping back into permanently an LDR will give me a chance to see if he is who I want to be with. Remember I only look 25, but I'm 40 and I am now dating with a purpose, as described by several "experts" who will get 100 percent zero shine on this blog.

Now, don't think for a minute I'm considering an LDR... aww hell, never mind; a new post about him is coming next week.

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