"Gurl, there are other things to on a Thursday night, than watch some scandals!"

10:53 AM


I can't wait to grab her butt again! Stand up, already!
Feel the neckroll, dammit. Embrace it. That helps to make the headline tolerable. At least, I hope it does.

I'd spent a good part of the 10:00 hour last night forcing myself to believe the hype. I mean, just 'cus my evening was interrupted by a belligerent Johnny-come-lately who showed up to my brother's man cave looking for the boys after they done left his azz -- while my sis-n-law, friends and I tried to watch the latest Scandal episode -- doesn't mean the world as I know it was coming to an end. Right?

It just wraps up a week of men being the jerks they are destined to be. Whenever something doesn't suit them, they go into IDGAF* mode, hurting TV viewers, spouses (enter: Porsha Stewart) and other victims along the way.

Earlier that night my feel-good feeling was crushed by a pointless call from Mr. Hairline, who had the nerve the text me earlier that DAY the following:

Hairline (HL): Are you interested?
Me: I'll call you when I get off (my new side job).
HL: It's a simple answer.
Me: I was (interested), but not after reading this. LOL Take care.

Fast forward to about 8:00 that evening: why is he calling me? Why is he not only asking me out but expect me to drop everything -- Coconut Grey Goose included -- and meet him somewhere? Ignoring my "take care" message angers me (as much as Cordell makes me screw face my iPhone, and just like that late-comer almost made me throw a drink in his face). It says to me and women everywhere, "I know what you texted, but it doesn't mean shyt to me because you're just a girl." Men will continue to treat us like shyt, no matter how many songs of independence we sing. Men will keep taking us for granted and annoying us, even if we ask them to stop, because they feel they can. Our sisters somewhere -- including myself, perhaps -- allowed them to feel this way. Thanks, and you're welcome (perhaps!)

Dudes, go'on and sneak up on me so you can grab my butt and run away, like we're in elementary school, why don't you...

*IDGAF = I don't give a f*ck

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