Well that's just dandy: One more thing that turns me on about men

1:03 PM

All I need is one mic... and a dildo...Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/visual_dichotomy

OMG...he can sing, too.

So I just returned from a Miami Beach "business trip," and can now reminisce about what I've learned. No, dolls, not about the things learned while working; I'm tall'bout the shyt that went down off the clock. While drinking, of course.

I cannot get into too many details here -- but if you're my FB friend then you already know him -- because dude is about to blow up, sonnnn!

While riding, oops I mean creeping in traffic on Collins Avenue, old boy has Sirus/XM on full blast. Today, at 40-years-young, I am up-to-date on all new school hip-hop, so much so that my daughter and I can now have more to talk about. "F*ckin' Problems" by A$AP Rocky 'n them is the ish. Who knew? My client and I bobbed heads in sync as we bitched about the traffic. Tourists!

Then, after a Nicki Minaj throwback caused an involuntary blank stare to emerge from my face, he turned to the Heart and Soul Channel...

OMG, he can sing. Didn't matter the artist, either: Alexander O'neal, Joe or Rick James, bish. That man can sing his azz off, and I grew horny. (Still cannot believe that made me horny.) Damn shame; I swear at one time during the Collins trek, I gabbed the arm rests, and then my knees, which were exposed of course since it was at or close to 80 degrees during our five-day Miami stay -- to control myself.

I'd wonder if he noticed me, as I thought about how big his d*ck might be?

Dear coochie: Can I please just know what else gets me hot, ahead of time though? How would I feel about a dude washing windows? Changing diapers? Robbing banks? I really need to know this, so I'm prepared.

Yes, I kept the legs closed during the trip. I still have to work for him...

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