It's just another day...and quit texting me before 9:00 a.m!

10:24 AM

I woke up to three "Happy Valentine's Day" text messages. But don't get excited. The half-ass wishes, probably copied and pasted, were from three dudes I wish to gawd I'd never shared my real phone number with: Mr. Too Damn Old (he's 50-something, but wants to pretend he's 30-something), Mr. IDGAF (aka Mr. Job Interviewer; the dude I wrote about last week) and Mr. Sidechick Seeker. I'll explain these names in further detail soon enough, but for now, they are about as relevant to me as a pamphlet on menopause.

(For now, I the onset of my early 40s I have had unexplained right knee pain, lower back pain and more gray hairs framing my hairline like a fortress. Yes, I've Googled all of this to see it they qualify for pre-menopausal symptoms.)

Welp, today was supposed to be the launch day of my book "Single and Happy in Charlotte: Nothing Like a Writer Scorned" but it ain't happenin'. Fortunately, time flies when you're swamped with work and partying it up in Miami. Don't worry, a direct link to Amazon will be posted here on the blog soon enough.

So, today is just another Thursday, where the ducks take over University, -- two of them made their way near my house this morning, but unless they like eating their cousins, and dumplings...and wine, I cannot help them -- where the coffee and tea is hot in Constellations Dollars and where my fingers stay doing the typing for a check. And I'm cool with all of it.

If you must wish me anything today, how about a hearty "Happy Single Awareness Day," mmkay? It means much more to me than "Today-is-the-day-where-being-single-is-a-bad-thing-day" or "Lemme- grab-these-flowers-and-stuff-before-I end-up-on-the-couch-tonight-day," or, for some, "The-day-that-lets-you-know-that-you're-not-even-the-one-day."

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