The death of Sarcastic Man and the height of the US boo'ed up season.

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If you can't hump the one you love, hump the electric blanket you're with.
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Sarcastic Man, one of St@rbuck's Constellation Dollar's regular caffeine fiends, seems to be at it again. Shooting his mouth about looking for work, turning down work and other musings that is making singledom look bad for the rest of us.

Is that what we look like in the QC?

"So what's it like being single?" I pretty much blurted out the question as we discussed the rise and fall of Barnes and Noble and "What is CIAA...and even though you're white you should know what CIAA is!"

I brace myself for the snappiest response...I live for his slightly-offensive jokes.

But dude had nothing. He looked uncomfortable talking to me...oh shyt he's turning whiter! So out of character...all kinds of awkward moments began to appear out of nowhere. I wished I'd never asked the freaking question to his mumbling azz: tallin'bout "I don't think about it..."

And now, a word about not thinking about being single. It's bullshyt, yo. How do you walk around or go online and not think about it? I'm a Pinterest junkie so singlehood (and how much it sucks when compared to cutesy wedding reception table numbers...oooh!) is in my face everyday.You don't have to dwell on the sorry aspects of being single, but you have to think about it if you're not brain dead.

I blame it on the season. The snugly period between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day of  "I done got me somebody so who needs a heater?". It's love or some other feel good feeling that's not wine-related, all in the air. Singles, boo'ed up season is among us. Expect a slight chance of engagement announcements and wedding banter, followed by odd looks that scream "you're time will come soon". Take cover at once -- an electric blanket is what's up this time of year!

No need to be alarmed: when the warm weather returns we'll be back in style. This means if you have subscribed to any sort of health-related new years resolution, you've better stick to it. May 2013/sidepiece season will be here before you know it -- that's March for the South.

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