Why am I on strike again?

9:16 AM

fist by worker -
Fight the power...of...I've got nothing mane.
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So I choose to ask myself the question, before 7 a.m. Without coffee...

When folks protest, it is because they want to make a point to others. We are standing for...sounding off on...uh...what was my platform again? *scratching head*  I have truly forgotten what am I 'sposed to be fighting against. Was it for a good meal, great convo and possibly love? I suck as an activist. 

My, goodness: I'm old enough to know that sometimes, protesting don't mean 'ish. (Exhibit A: Fake-azz Occupy Charlotte

And don't get me started on the countless petitions to address the gun laws here. *sucks teeth*. Until we follow the Aussies' lead, we are simply effing ourselves, calling out "U-S-A" in ecstasy. 

Okay, lemme lighten the mood here. If you have yet to watch Scandal, either go'on and watch it now or get ready for a nasty spoiler. Huck's girlfriend set him us for murder, twice. And if he leaves her, I will truly be surprised. Love is once again in the damn way. If that ain't art imitating life, I dunno what is.

Yes, these past few weeks, I have taken a date break -- with red-lettered, website-plugging (what?) picket signs in tow --  but it's not just because I'm sick of men. But trust, I am sick of them. Or should I say I'm sick of the dating scene. As messy as it is, I am ready for love. And "behind the scenes", love is looking for me. The kind of "we just know" love everyone who is happily married speaks of. That haze and craze of love Jill Scott sang about years ago. The synced love, where couples sound alike -- something I had caught a glimpse of (before gagging) over ten years ago in my sister and her now husband.

It's that kind of love that is trying to find me. But I'm in a witness protection program, and I haven't heard of anyone ever making it out of there alive. The power of love...it is more than a Luther Vandross classic fo'sho.

Well, the strike was fun while it lasted. I spent more time with the fam and traveled to-and-from Orlando like I live there. But --even though I'm a nappy-headed chick -- I refuse to stand in the rain and march in circles any more. 

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  1. Fear is a very powerful de-motivator.

    Its truly something to behold when our fight-or-flight reptilian side shows up in response to the abject fear inherent in life-changing decisions. Most people who go into "witness protection" are those who fear for their lives so I would need to ask if your fear, and you know you have it, is in reaction to the very real possibility that your life as you have come to know it, will change into something you cannot recognize?

    Further, is it the new unrecognizable life that you fear, or is it the new unrecognizable YOU that you fear that you will come to hate.

    Your fiercely independent butt has survived these things before but if you're feeling some pressure to be someone else's, you won't be able to run and hide forever. "Moonstruck" comes to mind, but I digress.

    You'll be fine, baby. You don't have to "date" and join some performance artist's troupe but don't be a punk either. Love, and love out loud...with someone who deserves you, and who will mold you into something wonderful...

    1. Thanks, Donny!

      I have never seen Moonstruck. So I guess that's what my "date night" will consist of tonight...Netflix. At home...by myself! LOL

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