You're so romantic with your COUPONS, baby!

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This park needs you...and your cheap self...for date night. Image credit:
Note: This post is for the men (or the dominate female, I don't judge) because women are too politically correct when it comes to using coupons on a date, especially a first date.

In all fairness I can be a tad politically correct as well, in the subject of whipping it out -- the coupon that is. If I'm in a long-term thing then it ain't nothing to take advantage of a special as we save money for a trip to the Caribbean. Hell, why not save money while on vacation, too? Shoot. There are coupons for everything.

But I'm tallin'bout the first date, where it should be less about saving a dollar and more about getting to know each other, making sure you look like your pics on, you know, the basics.

Am I suggesting you spend your weekly pay on a chick? Yes. I am. Dammit, I am. I mean, no, I'm not.  Not sure which is worse, to be honest: trying to compensate for what you're lacking (pause) --  by spending money you don't have, or showing up with a printout from Groupon.

Dummies, money doesn't impress a real woman. When we meet you, we are more likely to say "he's fine" before anything else. I for one have yet to say "Ooh, he ugly but nice truck!" If I am not attracted to you then we cannot meet. I've tried this before. For the sake of having something to blog about (SMH), I've tried dating a lack-luster dude. He was a dud.

But he didn't use coupons, either. So he was an awesome dud.

There was Mr. Caramel from last year though, who was fine, but cheap as all hell. First date, he pulled out the Groupon print-out, but tried to hide it on some "I need to talk to the server for a minute." To me that gesture was pointless, because he had already asked me if I minded him using the coupon. Like I'm going to say "yes I mind". Hello, that would make me look gold-diggerish, and he was fine.

I appreciated how he put his money into building a new house in Lake Norman though. That crib is bad, yo.

But fellas, why not get creative with the first dates? Just the first ones. Each woman is different, yes? So you have to stop carbon-copying the meeting and greeting.  On another note, dinner and a movie for a first date also sucks. Where is the creativity in that?

In some parts of the US a nice walk in the park with a smoothie is super adorable. have zero to talk about. If you're over the age of 30, you have lots to talk about.

Do you use coupons on the first date? According to Couponcabin, more people are this year. But, consider the source of the study, a couponing site. *shrugs*

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