Yeah...what Michael Baisden said...

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Baisden gonna have folks moving for love...SMH!
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Who the hell is Michael Baisden?

I mean I am sure many of you know who he is (but for rest of you, Google him), but who the hell is he to kill 30 minutes of my time on his Facebook page, to finish the sentence: If you want to meet a "quality, single, and non-crazy person" move to ____ and whatever you do, don't move to ____? Who the eff is he? He's fine and all, but really?

I'm here to tell you: I've lived in three states in 10 years. It ain't where you move to, it's where you're at. So I initially said to myself, don't entertain this one, as I pointed to my laptop screen laced with FB comments in response to Baisden. But because several people suggested "move to Charlotte" you know I had to chime on in. 

In all fairness, a few people disagreed, but almost twice as many said drive down to I-85 and get some down-south love. 

I'm lost because in being here for almost two years I don't see what they are seeing. Sure, I thought I did a few months back, but we won't discuss  that here. And there's the guy who has that "I can learn to love you" potential but he failed a major test a few days ago. I mean major.

I'll call him Mr. "I Can Learn to Love Him" (ICLTLH), an "alright-looking" nice guy. Intelligent, not looking to star in his own reality show; a cool guy. Outside of passion, he had everything I could ever want in a man.

And I'm not a test person, because games are stupid. But dude had an opportunity to come out his shell, and show a "wow" side of his otherwise dull-azz self. Talk about missing the proverbial boat, the love boat. 

So I called myself on the laptop trying to download...doesn't matter. lol What I caught instead was malware. For two days "Incredibar" took over my settings (Firefox), which means every time I went to open a new tab I would see a weird homepage called MyStart. Okay enough with all of this techy shyt. My inner-net was broke and I needed it fixed. Here is where old boy messed up.

To say that Mr. ICLTLH is an IT person is putting it mildly. He has his own successful company (told you, he was almost perfect for me.) where he works on 'puters on a full-time basis, when he's not drinking (What did I tell ya? Perfect!). So guess who I call on when I had enough of the Incredibar/MyStart hell? 

Call #1- No answer, thinking he's busy, I left a message. I texted too, which I know is stupid since I left a message already, but we're talking about my main tool for my own company here! 

Call #2-No answer, but I'm sure he will call back before the end of the day. At 5pm, I can wait until tomorrow. 

The following day I fixed myself! Girl power!!! Insert "I don't need no man here", if you want, but I did need to hear from ICLTLH, because he should have called to see how I was making out.

THREE DAYS LATER, this mofo calls me out the blue on some "wuzzup". I stood silent, waiting for him to a) apologize, b) explain how he was sick or how he was kidnapped for 3 days., or c) claim he never got my message or texts. (Something to add: we never talked everyday, and I was cool with this.) He kept going as if we were cool.

When I explained how I was expecting him to call back, and he claimed he did call, but didn't leave a message, I was done. Hello? I can see who called me for the past 5-7 days. I blurted, "I gotta go" and that was the last time we spoke. 

What if there was an emergency, yo?

So screw you, Baisden and your senseless FB posts You'd think with your reach you could find better statements, to share to your 570,000-plus followers, something like, I dunno, get registered to vote, mofos! But no, you want to give me an opportunity to wonder if I am destined to be SAH in Charlotte for as long as I'm here. Thanks homie.

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