If you want to convince me that you're happily married, you're doing it wrong.

6:35 PM

Just moments ago, as I Googled "happily married" to research the topic, Google called itself helping out, by auto-filling the search box with "happily divorced". Even a search engine knows being single is where it's at.

I like to show off the effects of my de-beer-belly-fied stomach so I nowadays prance around my crib, free as can be and like someone is watching. If someone was watching a) he would give me the screw-face because he just wouldn't understand, and would kill my mood trying to make sense of it all, or b) he would consider my moves as a "come hither" call to action. I'm good with not having to deal with both instances right now.

The devil is a lie if I were ever forced to marry what's out here...there isn't a word strong enough to describe how I'd feel. I'm meeting almost-50-year-old color-struck dudes now! Middle-aged, still single, but color-struck...what the f*ck? Color-struck means he only dates light-skin-ned chicks. Everyone has their preferences, but dang!

Then you have folks writing about being "Happily married, but (he has) lost the passion." He asks, "Does passion just cool the longer we’re together? Is that normal, and do I just have unrealistic expectations?" God, I hope not.

Even I asked a question last week on Facebook, about being with someone you're not attracted to. I asked, because I see it take place all the time. Great convos, lots in common, but no "dayum" factor. Is this it? Am I supposed to trade attraction and passion, for a long-term love? Pass.

Read more here: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2012/08/16/2233386/happily-married-but-lost-the-passion.html#storylink=cpy

Still, some folks are bent on trying to convince folks (and themselves) they are happily married. Shoot, if they were in the sales industry, they would join the ranks of the "still unemployed", with no interviews lined up, blaming the gub-ment and shyt. I ain't buying it.

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