5 things I wish grown folks (men) would stop saying to me

11:24 AM

Don't tell me to smile, dammit. Image source: fotocommunity.com
It's been another dateless/I-hate-men-for-no-reason week for me, and I've been under the weather for two days (TGIFridays is the devil :/ ) . How else could I spend my time? Reading other blogs, of course.

In the latest from Clutch Magazine, this young sister writer mastered the art of capturing that "here, here" moment, when she penned I Think We Should Have a Collective Response To Strangers Who Tell Us To Smile.  It describes how men like to interrupt a woman's everyday flow with those pointless "Smile!" comments.

I didn't even realize how much this shyt annoys me before reading the piece, but I knew it did.

And I'm guessing I'm at least twice the blogger's age, because honey I came up with a list of five thangs that grown folk in general -- and by this, I mean male strangers  -- need to STFU about:

"Smile!"  For what? Am I being punked? Of course, I believe in maintaining a positive attitude. I listen to Les Brown, visit Oprah's site and recently subscribed to receive mailings from the Napoleon Hill Foundation. But when did grocery shopping or washing the car call for a plastered Kool-Aid grin?  Imagine me by myself, running errands and smiling for no reason as if I escaped from "the hospital". And if I receive some bad news, I won't be phoney about it in public either with a smile to please the masses.

He wouldn't ask another man to smile, or would he? *pause*

"I have a high sex drive." Maybe this should be filled under "this only happens to me online daters", because several men I've met via ___.com feel it's a requirement for meeting me, to come at me with this line.  It's as if we were planning to meet up just to hook up. It's an announcement that turns me off so even if there was a chance of getting any, he just effed it up.

And if he's under 65, and healthy his sex drive shouldn't be low to begin with. 

"Can I ask you something? I hope you don't take offense." (or the like) Again, dude doesn't know shyt about me -- "whadidya say your name wuz"?  But he feels it's his right as a US citizen to ask something that might be offensive. We're In a major election year, Travon Martin is going to be cleared of any wrong doing, but dudes rather get into some none-of-your-damn-business type of ish on a first date.

Yes, I'm in RNC of dating, out of place and disgusted. 

"I don't like big girls." Listen, just because I've never had major weight issues and most likely never will, doesn't mean I don't feel for those who do. I have relatives and friends who are fighting obesity. I often read stories of depressed girls who are helpless in trying to deal with their weight issues. So don't look to me to laugh at the plus-sized jokes. Shallow, immature...I have run out of words for this. Same goes for the color/race struck: Don't tell me how much you only date brown-skinned or black. I get it, ignorance is bliss.

"It's complicated." Clearly, it's not just a Facebook status. There is some oncoming traffic waiting for these types.

Bonus: Don't talk to me about Cowboys, Eagles, or Steelers, either.

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