DNC coochie on a soul food platter

1:08 PM

When Charlotte gets ready for a major something they put on their Sunday best, for real. Hiding the homeless, so that it appears that there aren't any down-trodden people in a banking metropolis; tearing down architecture in which someone worked their azz off to share, (they are getting rid of it for safety reasons they say); and meetings for the meetings, for the meetings for the Dems, for Charlotte and for everyone who think they are worthy enough to be seen and heard.

Anyone with a business really should be in or near the QC this week, as should single women hoping to be swooped up and taken to McCormick & Schmick's by a nicely-tailored suit wearing someone who looks important enough to be in town. Check and check. :)

However -- if the ending summer predicts how my DNC week will begin and end -- Cocainedick will be in the mix. We are celebrating a one-year freaking anniversary, yo. Before you get too excited, please look for past CD discussions and re-read the foolishness.

Anyway, time to get my outfits together for next week's political and southern shenanigans, another event set up to bring in out-of-towners. And their money. And their attitudes. Yay, Charlotte. I wonder how many married government officials, journalists and cameramen will get some convention coochie next week.

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