A Bronx Bomber

9:15 AM

image source: imprint.printmag.com

NYC, come get your boy. I think we're all set with Yankees down here, so give him back his Metrocard. Thanks.

If the US is the melting pot for immigrants, then Charlotte is the the cute little saucepan found at Crate & Barrel (and Big Lots!) for northerners. Philly, Bean Town and Big Apple heads are flocking here to have more and spend less. We come, with accents and attitudes, ready to show Charlotteans how it's done -- whatever it is, hustling, networking. Some of us run this town.  But let's face it many aren't quite NC-ready, and some will never be.

But that's not a totally bad thing; I love NY men. They get right to the point, no bs'ing. They stay hyped about anything...everything. Now I'm ready to play some Biggie! 

However, check out one keyword: men. I love men, not pussy-hungry males who blurts "I have a high sex drive" within 15 minutes of meeting me. Or text how he is ready to do some things to me on our first real date. Really?  As much as I hate the term "swag", I was looking for that characteristic from dude, but it never showed up. Tipsy man? Present. 

There is some of everything here. Will I ever sort it all out? *sigh*

I will always love NY though...

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