Things in Charlotte I should be tallin'bout, but I don't. Here's why.

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I have learned to ignore what annoys me. Y'all better start reading or YouTubin' some motivational messages, to learn how to reject useless people, places and things. Les Brown and countless religious leaders are where I start my motivational seeking. Just my opinion.

(And I had to state "just my opinion", because someone on FB clearly doesn't get that opinions won't always be in alignment with her stupid posts. But, that's another story for another day.)

But I am a Charlottean now. My Maryland license tag expires soon -- I have the newer tag design, and was one the first in MD to snag it back in 2010.

I am learning my way around the QC. I know that Uptown equals Downtown. I get that natives still feel some kind of way about us "Northerners" invading their country metropolis and I have learned to not let their thoughts phase me. Does this mean that as a single Charlotte woman, and a blogger, I'm 'sposed to care about "The Bachelorette", BBQ, and the Carolina Panthers?

Emily who? The blonde, the "of-course-she-would-find-love-because-she-is-a-blonde" blonde dater makes being SAH easy, huh? LOL yeah, okay. I guess if I went on dates atop the Duke Energy building and had a country singer serenading my arse, I'd find love, too. And why do folks keep referring to her as "the single mom"? As if a) being single isn't allowed if you're a parent and b) a single mom isn't allowed to date. Girl, I hope ABC paid you well. Now sit down.

BBQ? BB-bye. There is so much hype about the good eating down here but I'm not impressed. Trust, my waistline suggests I'm eating well, but it's not because of "Chicken Box" or any other place I am supposed to frequent.

He's young...but Cam could still get it though. However, the Panthers still suck. Cam-generated TDs and orgasms or not. Do I really need to say more on this excuse for a south-based NFL franchise?

Perhaps I'm not quite a Charlottean. I'm damn sure not a bandwagon chick, either.

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