Why the brothas gotta be checkin' for da white gurls tho?

6:09 PM

I still hear that pointless question about interracial effing dating. But it has never bothered me when Black men took an interest to non-Black women. Hey, we all have our vices...

Sure, I'm still single and sitting alone outside of the Wine Vault -- as if it's not feeling like freakin' 99 1/2 degrees out here --  alone. I'm still cool. Truth be told, those knee-grows aren't even my type. Yes, in other words, they are under the height requirement. Dangerously under it.

But here they are at the next table over, trickin'. And one of the trickees has the absolute worst southern drawl ever. It's as if she's faking it. Re-damn-diculous, yo. This is what bruh-man wants.

But...it's cool.

I even had one of the homies ask for one my chairs. I only needed two of the four anyway, but before I can blurt out a "sure, help yourself" liner, da other homie demands him to "just grab one of them chairs." Clearly, these are his chairs and they are the only pretty black thangs he is claiming at the moment.

But...it's cool.

A sista can't get a swig? They see my glass more than half empty. But...it's cool.

So cool. My Facebook friends know why it's cool...too...*wink*

(pic source: weatherofoss.com)

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