Retired ball players are not to be trusted

9:21 AM

I love the Bible, but you're not going to quote scripture to me in a deep voice to get some moisturizing going on down there.

For the past two days I have been single and (dare I say it) unhappy. Aww hell, I got played.

What else could I call him except for Mr. Basketball?  He played in the NBA but spent most of his dunking days overseas. He wasn't popular, far from an icon -- outside of his NY-based alma mater -- but his azz is googleable and wikipediable, so I dare not post his name.

It all started as platonic as possible when it comes to two sexy tall black folks *takes bow*. Honestly I wasn't interested in him "in that way", after reading his profile, which let every literate online dater know that he is a "retired" professional ball player. Pass, I thought. But I read on; his grammar was actually on point. You know I look for things like...uh can he write better than a fifth grader! And he gives back to the community. Dude launched a foundation for the youngins' and since I'd never heard of him, read only one article about an event held in Long Island, I figured he could use my help here in Charlotte. As a writer. And for nothing more.

Things turned from platonic to pow very quickly. He has a mean tongue game He and I vibed very well, so I thought.  Sprung. I'm talking 19-year-old sprung. I'm talking scary sprung. That kind of sprung. For days after that night of uh vibing, I has several moments of over-the-top, cartwheels-in-my head Zen. I took Instagram pics of ducks and swans chillin' on the lake in the Boardwalk area. It started to rain that day, but I didn't feel rain. I felt sunshine and true to NC form, the sun reappeared, catching up with my warm, bright thoughts. Could this be love at not-so-first sight?


But apparently this is all the rage now, moving fast. *shrugs*

By the way: I was browsing on that damned Facebook on my phone and noticed a beautiful newlywed pic. The couple locked their hands together, it was some black love. I smiled. But something encouraged me to pause before liking the pic. So glad I did. The ex finally got married. I'm truly happy (because he's no longer my problem). What's funnier? They got married the same day I kinda-sorta announced -- on Facebook of course -- that SAH is about to get picked up by a very popular, very QC, publication. Details on this, coming soon.

So you'd think I'd be bouncing off the walls. Perhaps I haven't had enough cawfee yet, but not my usually cheerful self right now. I'm hurting, in disbelief...I let this old fool play with my emotions.

And I thought we were done with b-ball this year...

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