I didn't know he was married.

9:40 AM

I used to cringe like a crackhead whenever I would hear women, the other women, make this claim. I mean how could you NOT know a man you're spending time with is married? Ain't nobody at work that long. This is what I used to think. Until this past Friday.

Don't worry dolls, I didn't do anything that would garner a stoning or scarlet letter. We never even entertained anything romantic. Thank God, because I just found out three days ago that he's married after knowing him for about a month. And I found out, only because he had to explain to this poorly dressed woman who he was embracing in a hug as if we DID have something romantic going on. She looked at me like I did something wrong! Sounds like trouble in paradise...

But it's not me she has to worry about. I mean he fine but for some reason I didn't feel like putting on my flirt hat on for him. Perhaps this was God's way of protecting me. I dunno. Lately I'm feeling lazy, I don't want to be a new-age chick making all the first moves. If you want to get to know me, you need to come to me.

Married. This should no longer surprise me, as everyone seems to be married here. I swear I ran into two 12-year-olds over the weekend who are married with a baby in tow. Geez. Charlotte is not a town for the single gal, as NC is no longer the state for the "not traditionally married". It's as if marriage is an unseen badge of honor, which is cool if they are happily married. But it leaves the rest of us looking like aliens who invaded planet matrimony. I still am in no rush to join them. I'm still single, and happy.

And if you're married, be married. Put a ring on it (on your OWN fanga, that is). And quit walking around here like you're one of us.

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  1. Yep, I agree with you. It is annoying when married men won't wear their rings. They're wasting my time, and they're wasting my their own because a married guy gets nowhere with me. Rings for the married oughta be mandatory! :-)


  2. Chocolate AquariusMay 14, 2012 at 10:20 AM

    I dunno which I like more, your comment... or your link "Spinsterliciouslife".

    I love both. That is all.