A man, his dog, and a cheap date

11:08 AM

I'm sick of these men on ___.com calling the shots. "Let's meet and greet and if I think you'll sleep with me, then and only then will I carefully consider treating you to a real date." Ladies why are we allowing this? Most dolls will argue that it's a safe approach to meeting someone online. Hmmm. How is meeting at "Constellation Dollars" any safer than meeting at McCormick & Schmick's?  Excuses, excuses...

Still Mr. Q-dawg *big sigh* is a too-damn-old man who lives to stomp the yard and strike a frat pose at a moment's notice. This was hot in college, 20 years ago! Anywho, he is another man who wants to meet and greet first. He's such a catch and has to take his own safety into consideration:

we can do a meet and greet when we first meet and then see if we click to do anything else i like to meet at coffee shops malls parks we can do anything that will put us together so we can get to know one another better but it want be in the bed room when we first start off

His words, as typed on ___.com.  As you see, punctuation does not work on his profile. Neither does capitalization. But what kills me the most is his obnoxious frat pics. Trust me, they are nauseating. Nothing worse than a grown azz frat boy, except of course, a grown azz frat boy who doesn't do real first dates. :/

But why would I agree to go out with him!?!?
For laughs. Strictly for laughs. And I need more material for the upcoming book, "Single and Happy in Charlotte:Nothing Like a Writer Scorned". Stay tuned for the updates.

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