Why I still love NY

9:28 AM

Charlotte is cool, I'm still single and happy here. And I understand that being here less than a year does not a Charlotte expert make, but it's not New York. Fact.

Where else can I get up at 3am and walk -- not drive, walk -- to grab some Chinese?
Where else can I gain access to my favorite, anything...within a 10-mile radius?
Where are the greatest forms of entertainment?
The movers?
Big money makers?

Okay...perhaps some of this can be found (after a serious Google-like search, hmp) here in the Queen cit-tay...but that's mainly because of us transplants. We brought some life to this town, make that all of the life. Fact.

What also is found here is a 6'4... yes lawd SIX-FO'... brownskinned bruh who found me months ago on ___.com. After a few dates, I dunno are we dating now? It would make sense because he's from NY and ultimately it is a NY man who gets me. My daughter's dad? Straight outta Harlem.

Of course, there is one slight problem. His name is the same name as *wait for it* CD. So we now have NY ___ and CD ___. There is no way in hell I'm posting the name!

But it's a common name so it shouldn't come to much surprise that I'd meet two of 'em. NY ___ and CD ___, better known as The Good ___ and The Bad ___.

Can you guess who is Bad?

I sooo need to date the Good one, so I can stay out of trouble. CD sent me a text talking about seeing me sometime this week, probably tonight...

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