It's Not Us, Dolls: 5 Signs It's Not Our Fault

8:04 PM

Girls, we're going to be just fine, mmmkay?

Yes, the ever so awesome Black Snob, -- hey, that's what she wants us to call her, y'all! -- Danielle Belton advised in a recent blog post that "just this one, rare, odd little time" it could very well be our fault that we are single, unemployed and downright unhappy.

Call me delusional if you'd like but maybe, just maybe, even when it looks like it's our fault, it really isn't.

I have 5 reasons "from the research department" which explains why it ain't our fault. Allow me to prove that we are not as jacked up as society wants to make us out to be:

1) Reality is not real. Y'all keep on following what social media hogs keep spitting out about us. We are all loud. We are all ghetto. We are all bitter. This explains all of our singledom. All of ours. The reality wives, mistresses, dancers, whatever, are supposedly us. That's who we are and that's why we're single.


Those chicks are on TV because they are not like most of us. The abnormal makes good TV, and that's what I'm watching for. Do you ever wonder why that sweet girl DeShawn What's Her Name only appeared in season one of Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Do you even remember her?

She was the goody-two shoes/drama-free/actually married momma on the first season. She was boring and Bravo wasn't having it.

2) Sexism still exists. Congressional women were recently locked out of hearings for women's health. How outrageous is that? Clearly we have no say so when it comes to our reproductive systems. Don't tell me sexism isn't alive and well in 2012:
(note: video is over seven minutes long)

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3) We have to protect ourselves from the crazies! Perhaps I watch too many Lifetime movies, but crazy doesn't always look the part. Therefore if being guarded, sound-offish or downright bitchy can serve as a barrier between us and the loonies out here, so be it.

4) We get it from our mommas, and aunties. Past generations should teach us what to tolerate, and what not to. Negative cycles end now.

5) The boss really is a hater. Perhaps not all bosses, but I've worked with enough to make me super glad about being my own boss as a freelancer.

Are you being too hard on yourself, my single and happy gal pals?

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