Excuse you?

11:55 AM

I am selfish when it comes to a man talking to me on the phone. Is it too much to ask to allow me to say two words during the phone call?

No this fool did not call me at 11 something last night and spend a good five minutes running his mouth about his business, Jay-Z (not even about the baby!) and some other ish that caused me to lay the phone down and mute his arse. And no he did not finally ask me about my day? Are you serious dude?

It was going well until I answered the phone...

And it's now easier for me to understand his issues. It's called ADHD. lol Have you ever met someone who has ten topics, ten conversations going in one half-hour setting? Yep. That's him. So unfortunate, too, 'cause he fine. And tall! The 6-foot magnet strikes again.

What is wrong with people? Don't call me if you don't want to have a conversation. I know, it's not all about me, but at 11 something at night, it should be. He'll never interrupt my moscato-chill-down moment ever again. Dot com. Hmp.

On another note...
Single and Happy is looking to become a sponsor for the CIAA basketball tourney. After all, it all begins in Charlotte. Email the boss at info@tyjuana-wilson.com if you are looking for sponsors. Thanks!

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