...at least he made breakfast.

11:45 AM

(I should have went to the Waffle House...pic source: areliefteachersjourney.blogspot.com)

Yes, I saw CD a few weeks ago.

Not three seconds from the time I pulled into his garage did he grab my waist and gave me the most passionate kiss ever. Ever.

Oh it gets worse. He stayed downtown forever. He made the best omelette, too.

So there goes the plan for me to be celibate. I gave it a good three-week run, until he called and told me to sit on his face. This is after we were beefing over I can't remember what. All I know is we told each other to lose our numbers and less than an hour after that we were back to text wars.

But the kisses and everything that followed after that, pretty much erased my memory. I could have sworn I told him I was done. I could have sworn I told y'all I was going to be celibate. What could I have done to make the words stick like glue? And not the cheap Elmer's glue either.

This obsession is blocking me from Boaz. Perhaps I wasn't meant to have a Boaz in the first place...

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