Some karma for Christmas

12:17 PM

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Folks, it pays to be the bigger person, sometimes.

I followed the advice of a Miss More Roses of the Facebook page "Black Women Who Want MORE", by pulling up my big-girl panties and wishing the ex a hearty Happy Holidays. (Roses suggested that her followers quit holding grudges and wish the grudgee a Merry Christmas, but why not knock out all holidays so that I won't have to contact him no mo: No Happy New Years, no Groundhog's Day, no Valentine's Day for sure!)

By the way dolls, if you are not following BWWWM, you are, okay?

I placed the phone down to get some work done on a real computer -- working on a business plan for my newest client, a t-shirt retailer -- and minutes later I get a text's Cocainedick. Mmmmm, I'm overdue for a fix tonight...

Twenty-four hours later, I am driving around the University area, in the rain, running errands, trying to concentrate n shyt, and I still feel him on top of me. Yessir, another stellar performance from Cocainedick. I dunno what it is about him, I mean he's good looking, but he ain't the only good looking man I know, and I've seen bigger peen between here and NY. All I know is he knows exactly where the g-spot is because I keep coming. A damn shame, that's what it is...

Moments later the ex hit me up. He didn't recognize the new number, but really, who the heck else is texting a nukka from a 704 number? Check it out:
Allow me to explain the the circlled areas. First, check out what I call him. Second, whuddaya think of my disclaimer? Third, WTF?!?!? So after all that hype last summer, he ain't even go through with it. And I dunno the girl like that, but no she did not move across country for some half-assed commitment...oh snap. It's history repeating itself!!! (Except I didn't move across country, but still. I wasted mad time on some fake relationship. Hence the name "Dodged Bullet".)

When I asked him what happened to the wedding (I texted "???") he said that all is well. If all is well though...*kanye shrug*. I even offered to remain friends but he said he isn't interested. Eff it, I tried and to me, his inability to keep it moving as friends means he's still hurting. I'm down here, loving life n shyt, and he's up there in hell. I am winning!

Karma took her sweet time getting here; guess she was busy.

So there you have it. What a way to end a year of drama, eh? I hear straight from the horse's mouth that he didn't go through with the nuptials. I could have stalked him or asked about him, but I had better shyt to do and damn it felt good to reach out directly to him. I wonder if his girl even knows were texting? Wow...she has an e-ring and a house (that only has his name on it) without a wedding date...I so know how this is gonna play out. Do you?

On another note, is it too late to snag a boyfriend before Christmas?
I'm just saying, who is going to buy me an expensive coat, bag or necklace? I am dead-A serious, yo. I do take pride in being able to buy these things for myself, but it's more fun to have someone think enough of you to say, "Pow, here you go. Merrykwanzaanewyearsholiday."

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  1. Sometimes its best to not be a 'friend' what does that accomplish, nothing wrong with being cordial if u ever cross paths. But if the situation ended bad, then just move on with ya life, no need to send holiday,bday, or how are u greetings. You are only bringing more hurt to yourself. As woman we want the man to suffer and when he is not we are hella pissed, if the propasal was a phony or her name not on the house who cares, that is not YOUR issue. Stop dwelling on what didn't happen with you 2 and be grateful that it did. You come off bitter, even though u may say you are not. I pray you release the hurt and leave well enough alone.

  2. Thank you, the book is going to be full of "dwelling" though. LOL You've been warned. Gotta have something juicy to write about, to be honest with you.

  3. Good luck with the book girlfriend but be careful of the lines you cross. Publishing information that was shared in confidence between two people (text message) violates a persons reasonable expectation of privacy, and can cause you un-needed legal issues. I wish you the best.

  4. Thanks hun...will have all bases covered.