Everyone ain't built to be single.Part II

11:24 AM

(Pic source: http://pop-circus.blogspot.com)

I was driving home from Food Lion the night before last...looking like the black Unibomber in my grey Ravens hoodie, when it hit me: I got folks waiting to read the rest of the NY story. Doh! (Here is part 1)

There are better things to do in the wintertime, besides sleep it away, but that is exactly what she'd planned to do with her lazy Sunday afternoon. It was too damned cold to roll out of bed for no real reason. But MENY's phone call after the first of several major snowstorms was a pleasant reminder of how New Yawkers keep things moving in the winter. No standing still, waiting for above-freezing temps to appear, nope. He asked her to come over and watch a movie. Yes, this is less than 24 hours after they met in Chelsey. She obliged, eff it.

She arrived to his one bedroom basement bachelor pad in Brooklyn, to the smell of steak and rice. The brotha can cook! MENY was a brown-skinned dude, 6'1 and with muscles with a mind of their own. He clearly lived in a gym. I mean you can feel every muscle when he hugged, including the ones in his thigh that led to his penis that felt hard already! Mmmm. They knew they were going to be naked within two hours; she just hoped he was going to deliver in a timely manner, and by timely, she meant please don't let him be minute man. She drove all the way from Nassau...in the cold.

There was food, wine, great conversation. They would laugh about people, and how pretentious they are in NY, especially in a club: who cares about what others thought they cared about, is what she and MENY would agree on. Plates were clean and all of a sudden there was a brief pause in the convo, sort of an awkward moment for them both (what's next?). When he reminded her of the movies he had lined up she was coy about it but followed him four steps to his bed anyway (the TV with cable and DVR was in the bedroom, of course). It was now a matter of eating and running or laying up and get eaten herself!

Of course you don't just get in someone's bed with street clothes on...

After the usual formalities involved with casual sex-capades, (kissing, feeling, mumbling shyt like "I usually don't do things like this...") MENY reached for the Magnum XLs. Yasss the black ones! She knew he was packing (and it was still growing!) but never knew the Magnums came in black. Gold? Yes, but black was new to her. She would soon be introduced to the black card of condoms.

She had no choice but to ask herself "WTF did she get herself into?"

Months later...

Like a routine doctor's visit she would arrive to MENY's BK apartment, sometimes with little on, underneath a 3/4 length bomber style coat and some boots. She would sit on his couch and catch a contact. She smoked trees at the time but she'd find herself getting high off of him. "Ijustwannafugg" is what she would often think. She even blurted it out once. He laughed at that.

She treated him like a toy, a Sit-n-Spin, literally spinning on top of him!

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