The third "Shammy" Award goes to...

10:35 AM

(How do you like the nick name for the SAH Award? :) )

Dolls and action figures, this young lady is taking her single-hood and running the world, one greeting card at a time. Our third award recipient (and first "real" person) is none other than:

Shantel Turner-Collins
Shantel is not only my Facebook homie, but she is the creative entrepreneur behind Lil Ms. Sophia, a stationary company that puts H@llmark and 'em to shame. She ain't skimping on nothing honey! All of her work is hand designed and neatly packaged in way that screams "I love my customers." At least that's how I felt when I received my box of cards.


Congrats lady. You are not only single and happy...but youz a BOSS.

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  1. This looks great! I love love love her work!

  2. Isn't she awesome? :D

    Thanks for stopping by Miss Lady!