My date...with EVELYN (and other weekend follies)

12:09 PM

Evelyn* is a brown-skinned cutie, about 5'5, 5'6 (I am bad with heights lol), slender...but with an epic azz. She likes to socialize, and loves football so she and I met up last night. I usually don't mix business with pleasure (we'd met on Facebook a few months ago, and she hired me to do some writin') but we couldn't resist...

Ok lemme stop! This was not a date. I have not crossed over to the other side. least not this time:

In the past I have had a few encounters with women. They are drawn to me for some reason. I remember a few years ago being on business in Florida, with a former employer. He ran into a stripper friend who didn't want him, she wanted me. And I wanted her, too...

Then there was that last night in Sin Cit-tay, where I tried to get it in at the club at Mandalay Bay. I was minding my business, going through the crowd, looking for familiar faces to say my "goodbyes"to  before heading out the following morning. This slender Hispanic mommy grabbed my arm and we danced most of the night. I would find a guy to dance between us, but she didn't like too much of that. She wanted me to herself. Somehow, we ended in the bathroom leaning on a sink, but nothing transpired. Hadn't been that close to another female since then. 

And last night was not going to be the return of my bi-whateveryouwannacallit either. But if you let some of the club attendees tell it, Evelyn and I were on a freekin' date. I didn't make things any better. I wore boots with heels that towered E, and I have kept my natural hair cut short since undergoing the "big chop" in July. I looked like the dominant one. I started a bar tab (E paid my way in, and I didn't have cash on hand so I just said eff it and started a bar tab) so the bartender dealt only with me...oh really did look like a date! The Raven-Jets game was on so we stood at the bar watching it, even though there was an awesome jazz band playing onstage. We talked and yelled at the TV.  A guy walked up to me and asked "are y'all together?" He wanted my permission to talk to E! Throughout the night she and I danced, sat, drank and what might have appeared to be me talking her into rolling out with me, lol, was mere chit-chat about the kids, residing in different cities and my dating scene.

Which brings me to the rest of my weekend.

The guy I wrote about? The kissing bandit? Yeah, he just wants some sex. He was slick with it though...on to the next.

I met up with who I'll call Mr. LegallySeparated. What a load of crap, you're still married but the courts call you separated, which means that is the go-ahead for you to start dating. Looking for that "casual" ish. GTFOOH. Priorities, or lack thereof, are all over the place, 90% of the conversation consisted of his marriage, how he met her and married within six months, and cheated on her. Yup, great catch.

Then there was a nice, country man, who I almost forgot about (fellas you need to stand out, sorry). We met for an early dinner at a nice Chinese spot. Not to make fun of this at all. In fact, it was pretty sad. He said he wanted boneless chicken, I pointed the options out to him (thinking he overlooked them) and it looked like he found what he was looking for, or so I thought. 

Then the waitress comes over to take our order and I immediately tell her what I want; had a taste for seafood. He on the otherhand asked the same damned question he asked me, "do you have any boneless chiggen?" I wanted to scratch my head. The waitress pointed out the choices, just like I did moments ago. He hesitated. I glanced at the waitress and she looked a bit puzzled, perhaps she was thinking what I was thinking. She then made a suggestion from the menu, which by now, she and I both knew the chicken choices by heart. He blurted out an "I'll try that."  

That's when it hit me, he cannot read. 

When the check came, he pulled out his card without glancing at the bill. I didn't think much of it, was sort of relieved that he wasn't concerned about the bill. We got the fortune cookies with the bill...and it totally went over my head, he asked me to read his fortune. He never read it. He looked at it, but never read it. He played all of this it off well, because through the conversation, although it wasn't thought-provoking, was a decent one. I went to my car feeling some kind of way: Is he what is known as being functionally illiterate? How does one go through life, not being able to read???

This is a good time for me to introduce you to my friend Cee Strickland. She is doing great things in Jersey with the campaign for literacy. Her initiative, Cee & Learn specializes in youth, teen and young adult literacy. Cee is committed to getting library cards into the hands of children on October 22, 2011 during her inaugural walk-a-thon, Walking a Linden Kid (WALK). Linden, NJ children and their parents (and those in all surrounding areas, too) will have a chance to become better acquainted with their public libraries, while giving their computers and the TV & video game consoles a much-needed rest. For more information please visit  and check her on Facebook at

Apart from the illiterate issues though...there was no chemistry. Not because of it, but not being able to read a lick doesn't help us. So far, two dates over the weekend, no connection.

All of a sudden...POW. This 6'1 piece of caramel finally gave me his number last week. We talked for hours when I first called him, and every call after that, if we got off the phone in an hour or less, it was rare. We went out on Saturday and...*blushing*.

Date number two is coming up this evening.(UPDATE: DATE NUMBER TWO WENT WELL! )

I am definitely feeling him and I think he's seriously interested in getting to know me. And for some reason, I feel like I should refrain from further discussing him in the blog. Like I rarely talk about my daughter, I dunno...I feel like I need to protect him. And keep him to myself. At least, for now...

*name changed...but she ain't innocent

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