My "bye" week.

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Shout out to football fan dolls. For everyone else,"the term "bye week" refers to any week during the regular season in which a team does not play a game" (source:Wikipedia). Google "bye week" for more on why there even is such a week, and then come back to the blog. :)

Like my Baltimore Ravens, I had a bye week, where I took a break from sports, and by sports, I mean them dates. Oh yes, I so missed both, the random men of who talk a good game online and on the phone, and those purple-clad physically fit men out of B'more who can easily get it. I mean all of them can get it, including Ray Rice, even though he's under the height requirement. Yessir, he can get it too. Right on the field.

If someone were to ask, "Do you have any fond memories of your last relationship?" football would come to mind. I would rush home from church in time for the 1:00 game, reheat the dinner I cooked the night before (or takeout, hot wings) and invade a six-pack of either Bud Light or Coors, cold as the Rockies. :)  And that's if we didn't go to the games. Dude has us in some good seats, but I'm sure that was for himself more than for "us". At any rate, football time meant a time-out from the arguments and belittling. Go Ravens.

Again, the other sport I took a break from this weekend, was them dates. Not one free meal ooops I mean not one meet up with a man on the books on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. No prepping session where I decide, "to glasses or not to glasses." Nope, that wasn't the question this weekend. FYI...if I am really feeling a guy I pop in the contacts and make my face up all cute and stuff. If I'm not sure how I feel I say eff it, clean the glasses and make sure my lips aren't ashy. In short, contacts for the favorites, glasses for the undecideds.

My weekend began unlike most in other ways. I worked on Saturday and then found myself doing the sista gurl thang with a select few co-workers. Those who truly know me, know that the whole hen party (unless it's a baby shower) is out of my element anyway. But I had fun, drinking, ordering Chinese and talking about...

(Sorry but I need to save some of this for the book.)

Later that night, back at the batcave, I jump in the shower, lather up with my gel and break out this Honey/Brown Sugar scrub I've been dying to use. I smelled yummy. Could have easily went Tweet -- the singer, not the social network -- last night, but I was tired and wanted to have a clean conscious for church this morning. Dolls if you want the best, affordable va-jay-jay facial ever, you better visit Jacinta Federick's Soul Purpose page or like her on Facebook . 

Meanwhile I get a call from Mr. Caramel on Sunday. Mmmm. Again he is the one who I want to keep out of the blog for now, but I will say that we have a third date coming up. Okay, I will say this, too: He is also a Ravens fan. Guess where he's from? 

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  1. "In short, contacts for the favorites, glasses for the undecideds"....ha ha ha Love it.

    I am happy you love the Honey and Brown sugar scrub.. Thank you for the referral.

  2. No lady...thank you!!! Chat soon.