Everyone ain't built to be single.

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For me, being single (sprinkled with long-term relationships) has been the norm since adulthood. I was never impressed with married couples; either they were too boring and conforming, or they we're miserable cheats who either use singles as alibis or as "something to do", physically.

For me, sharing life with someone was always an added bonus, like an accessory...not a staple.  For others though, not so much. And to me, that's kinda sad, yo.

I really like where I am. As of late I've been on dates with the same Mr. Caramel. But I don't think I'd want a relationship with dude, to mess things up...why would I do a thing like that? I want to eat, write and watch my Ravens, in peace. Relationships usually get in the way of all of these things. And more. So much more.

(It helps, that he isn't going to discuss a relationship with me anytime soon. He added a new picture on his profile on ___.com, although he told me the other day he ain't on the site "like that" anymore. Why would he bother to even say that to me? What was the point of telling me that?)

Single and happy in New York
Only a single woman can drive to a crowded midtown Manhattan club, at 2 a.m., wearing a micro-mini  jeans skirt with boots and an off-the-shoulder printed top -- nothing fancy about the outfit, but still cute nonetheless -- and walk directly to the DJ booth, give the DJ a hug and politely ask "Can you play some dirty souf  throwback joints?" He would nod, and sigh, and by the time she'd make it out of the booth and onto the stage, some Mystikal comes on...

Shake it fast...watch ya self. Shake it fast...show me what'cha working with...

She'd own the stage, the front of the stage, grabbing the brass bar rail while she dropped it low. She'd have one chick try to compete for the spotlight, but it didn't work. It never did. How you not gonna get low, get back up and shake it fast for the crowd? Yes, go back to the corner, please.

She's in a zone, minding her business when this dude from East New York walks next to her and stares in amazement. He looked like he was about to pull out a business card, or a camera, what did he want? He didn't want to dance. She kept on dancing. She owed it to the DJ, who gave a shout out to the girl from the dirty-dirty, and was nice enough to play some oldies but goodies from Master P, Petey Pablo, and others from that era. He did all of this, for her. So she had to keep dancing.

After the DJ had all he could take of the non-Biggie/Jay-Z music, Mr. East New York (MENY) offered to buy her a drink. They would sit and talk at the bar for like hours it seemed. By 5 a.m. the crowd was gone and because she heard there was a snowstorm headed for the boroughs she thought it would be best to get to Nassau county now, or never. He followed her out and when he told her he took the F train into the city, she offered him a ride to the station. It was bone chilling cold, and he doesn't look crazy. What can he do in a sea of all these folks outside, she thought.

They exchanged numbers, hugged and she made her way through the Midtown Tunnel, the LIE and then home to Nassau before 6 a.m., forgetting about MENY. Until he called later that day...

To be continued.

By the way, where is Mystikal now?

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