My single and happy week in review: That site!

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The problem with online dating this week is that when I joined, it wasn't to meet anyone. Again, I did not join an online dating site to meet one man. (It was just to date, eat and learn more about the city, to be honest.) But here I am, meeting someone who has managed to flip the script on it all.

He wasn't supposed to be everything he claimed on his profile, a carefully crafted, well-written profile littered with the basics yet pertinent information. The need-to-know stuff like his marital status: single. Wants kids? No. Usually the free sites are dumps for the worst of the worst in mankind. Clearly, he and I are on the wrong site!

I was almost hesitant in reaching out to him; took me about a week to do so. And he hadn't reached out to me, as many others have been. Maybe it is because he's older, but I won't say by how much just yet though. And he is just too good-looking to need to resort to online dating. I figure he gets a lot of fan mail.

There are way too many single women in Charlotte!

So instead of typing the usual "hi handsome" I thought I would stand out by coming at him with jokes. Jokes about being online, watching the foolishness unfold on a dating site. Y'all know that is so who I am, 155 pounds of sarcasm. Well it worked, sort of. Instead of responding back with his thoughts on online dating, he's gonna tell me he'd rather get to know me and *get this* had the nerve to tell me to leave my number! Whoa. Never has anyone just came out on the first reply to ask for my number. They have been usually just giving me their number, or a Yahoo email address. :)

I grew annoyed, then aroused. *mumbling*

So a few days after I left a number, he texted, called and we met within two days. (Don't worry girls, it was a Google voice number I use for business anyway. And I am shouting out way too many big businesses today!) As I finally agreed to call his online and phone bluffs, he drove up in one of the three whips he said he owns, a silver C-class. As we ate lunch, he would take in every word I say and expand on what he wrote online, and more. He talked much more than the other dates. He was excited to share his thoughts on everything. He would offend a race, a class of people, a religion and the city of NY all at the same time! Again I was annoyed, but then I liked it. At one point I was just starting to stare at him, looking just like them pics, but then I brought myself back to the convo, so I could respond to any questions.

On our goodbye I went in for the usual friendship hug I'd given to most of my dates so far but, again being so unlike the other dates, he then talked into my ear. He whispered some ish about seeing me again, his lips brushed against my right cheek. The friendship hug has now turned into something more. I would usually make my way into my car on some "Imma be late for work", but once again this dude ain't following the same script the other dates have.

I could have sworn I told my arse to get to switching into the car, but my lips are so big, apparently they have a mind of their own. SMH. There we stand in a freaking parking lot in broad daylight just going a movie!!! I didn't want to leave, he wouldn't let me we ain't leave! We just stood there kissing for I dunno how long. I still made it to work on time, by the way. *takes a bow*

So what's next? I'm taking a step back from seeing him for now. He's changed the game so I now have to chill at the drawing board. Now we still talk on the phone though, almost made me late for work the other day.

He is capturing my mind too soon. I was physically on another lunch date, with another man, just the other day. I was physically there, eating and smiling, but mentally standing him up...

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  1. Wow. WTG! LMAO and I do the Google voice thing too. Bad thing is my new phone's app doesn't let me know when people text that number like my old phone did, and I always forget to check it. Oh well. If I didn't rust them enough to give my REAL number, then I didn't want to talk anyways, right?

  2. It helps to have g-voice open in your browser(when you are in front of a computer). That's the best way to screen the calls and decide to delete, call-block or say eff it and call them back with your real number unblocked. Sounds like a lot of work, is. LOL