Please don't hate me but my second Single and Happy award goes to...

1:47 PM

...Jennifer Williams. Yes, that Jennifer Williams.

I know, it's been a minute since the awards show. We needed more sponsors honey!

So did you catch last night's BW reunion? Did you notice how Jen didn't get into it with Royce, no matter how hard Royce tried? Hey, it's a start, and Jen looked too cute as she refrained and errthang!

And how many times can she watch her ex throw a drink so close in her face like that? I have never seen a man throw drinks in my life. Ever.

But the main reason for choosing Jen for the second non-award, award, is because of what she stated on Twitter: "I was doing fine before him! That's what twinge with b*tches always thinking u need a man 4 everything! Grow up!"

Now, I'm trying not to cuss anymore so I can no longer promote it here, either. However I can't do anything more than co-sign at this. Ladies quit acting like you need that dude for everything. Fellas quit making women feel this way too. Y'all know how you do. Asking "how's life" really means: "how's life without me?"

So you really want me to answer that? Because I don't care about hurting your feelings.

Whoa! Sorry. Had a flashback about my last trip to B'more to pick up my HS yearbook. Ooopsie.

Congrats Jen. I'm sure you'll never see this, but congrats just the same.

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