More changes. I promise this ain't no post-engagement phase!

9:25 PM

So as you know I cut off most of my hair. The irony? It's growing back super fast. What is the point of it all!?!?!

Good thing my brother is also my barber. :)

But most importantly, I have rededicated my life to Christ. This didn't just happen Sunday. Don't exactly know when it happened (but I'm so glad it did) and I wasn't even planning on typing about it here. But here I is...

And here too: Pow!

Now, I have yet to see how saved I am around men. I've been able to avoid the dating scene for a few weeks, but I can't run from it forever. I mean I am HOT with my cut. But for now it's nice to not have to explain why one man (Jesus) is more important than another.

Oh and don't think I'm deleting older posts. Hey, something good has to go into the book. Launch date to be announced...

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