Ladies...for the love of God quit allowing these dudes to treat you like crap!

11:08 AM

Another one bites the dust: so I recently kicked another one to the curb, because he thinks that referring to my lips as a place where he should put something in is cool. Not cool from any dude especially someone I just met. 
Dude, what yo name is again???
I asked him what is the "something" he was referring to, you know, to give him the chance to clean it up. He texted me back, stating that the "something" is his dyck. 
Now I can get as crass and...I'll go'on and say a female can be. Hello? Have you read the post about sex toys and Mr. 6'3? I like Howard Stern. I will cuss out the elderly if I feel disrespected. I'd allow such lip references by  my exes (except the last one),  and a few of my "boys".
But when did it become okay for a man who I have met just about a month ago, to allow his fingers to type such foolishness? Then it hit me: some of y'all ladies need your azzes whipped something terrible.
I could go on about how today's men are just outright taking things to the left with their behavior:
  • The man who left his wallet home on a dinner date at a nice Chinese establishment, he forgot he was going out to eat, at a nice Chinese establishment.
  • The man who cusses his own momma out in front of his woman.
  • The man who left his date at a DC 7-11 at 3 a.m.,because "he thought she had a ride home". (True story found on Facebook!)
    I could go on, but all this would accomplish is a stronger argument again women who are so desperate for a "good man." These broads make it harder for a chick like me in today's dating scene. There are hours in my life that I will never get back. You all owe me, and yes, I'll accept PayPal. 
    For real. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

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  1. HA HA HA. I blame these (how do the young folks say it)? "thirsty" females for this. I was at Walmart and some dude thought it was okay to blurt out that he would love to take me for a "ride". "blank stare". Excuse me.......I say....because I knew he couldn't possibly be talking out of the side of his neck like that. No way.....He repeated it and licked his lips....WTH!!!!! See, I am old school and I never allowed a "nukka" to talk to me any kind of way to get my attention. My mom taught me EARLY to demand respect. All I could do was look at him and shake my head. A few days later, I witnessed a guy talking crazy and disrespectful to a young lady and her response was "giggle giggle" and then gave him the number. Again, WTH!!!! Oh, I see.....this apparently is acceptable in this day in age....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!