Independence Day? I'm celebrating Independence YEAR.

7:02 AM

July 4th seems to bring out the free patriot in most of us, but why start there? After the fireworks and Essence Fest fun *sigh* what do you have?

Your 9-5 that you are content with because "at least you got a jawb"?
Your kids running around all summer because unless it's vacation bible school, you're not spending a dime on summer camp?
Another article telling you why you are black, single and doomed to be all alone...for ever-ever?
Cute maxi-dresses and sandals, both for 20 bucks, that make ANYONE look good?

You've got freedom, hun. Freedom to push yourself to the limit, turn a hobby into a side gig, kiss a boy, kiss a girl (or both at the same time) and freedom to all the above in an unapologetic fashion.

You've got freedom...use it!

Never again will I let anyone tell me what I can't or shouldn't do. I've always been okay with who I am and want to be. And the next dude needs to respect that or leave me alone. Because my July 4th began in January and has no expiration date.

Let da church say amen...

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