I forgive...but...

3:17 PM

Recently I announced that I have forgiven ole boy. And I did. I still do forgive his ass. However, there are voices in my head that are telling me no man can be trusted.


Take some of these married men for example. The unwritten rule appears to be: "When I am single, so are they", since I keep getting unwanted hook up requests upon learning about my status.

Next, you have the singles who are clearly single for a reason. I am still trippin' off of the 40-something-jackhole who calls his 1-year-old an accident. He says this only an hour after meeting me in person!

Then you have the painfully shy dude who won't initiate a first date. Why? You don't know me so you can't say I'm crazy, not your type or anything else. You don't know me! After almost a month of chatting online, what are we doing son? Is he a penpal from jail? Is he 15 years old? What the eff is he hiding?

Thank God for not being that chick who needs a man at all times...sheesh!

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