Suffering from a vitamin D deficiency...

9:04 AM

If it were only this simple. Take a mo' deficiency. Pow.
So I am feeling some kind of way. Not too moody, but rather anxious. Being the sexy nerd I am, I begin a Google search for some answers:

"Vitamin D is crucial for many reasons, especially for women...some of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can be seen in women only, like mood changes during premenstrual syndrome. Other mood related symptoms are depressive behavior and/or seasonal affective disorders. These claims are not yet officially accepted as true, but they certainly make sense."

Yep makes sense to me too! I need to get some. *Nodding head in agreement*

Wait...what was that you say? Oh! They are referring to the other vitamin bad. But you have to admit, what I found online makes total sense. Allow me to break it down:

Mood changes are a given.
The season of wearing next to nada ain't helping one bit either.

So ladies what do you do to stop the suff-rin'?

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